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Hello Juro;
I will let you know when I plan on heading up again. If I do go up, it will probably be on a weekend (unfortunately).

Hello John;
I am currently living in NJ. My wife is doing her doctorate at Rutgers. I was born and raised in Merrimac, MA, and I'm beginning to lose my mind down here. I will focus on Delaware River Smallmouths this summer with my relatively new six weight. There are streams nearby that are stocked with brown trout (Black River, Hacklebarney State Park), and there is a beautiful stream near Old Wick, NJ that nurtures a native population of Brook Trout. The stream is not stocked for preservation purposes, and unfishable due to private property. I checked it out and saw "Brookies" scrambling amongst the boulders to hide. It is the only stream I've encountered down here that reminds me of the NH streams I would fish as a boy. I am truly elated over this situation - "hands off" policy on a fairy tale like piece of water harboring native fish. . . and for anglers. . . stocked browns (a more tolerant species) in less pristine waters. For me, it is so comforting to know that the native fish are there, evolving naturally. Remember: Fish barbless, carry pliors and be conservation minded in everything you do - set the example.
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