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Nick- Welcome to the Forum! I'm a Mass native, but spent 12 years in school at Iowa City (UI Med School grad). Started my flyfishing in Iowa- for general freshwater (panfish, bass) would rec 5 or 6 weight rod with same weight floating line (weight forward floating line easiest to cast). Start with short (no more than 7.5 ft) tapered leaders. For flies, would start with panfish poppers (easy to see the take, and great fun to catch bluegills and crappies on these things), muddler minnows, and "terrestrials" (black ant flies, black beetle flies). Cast out to a likely spot, then slow "twitching" retrieve until you get a strike or need to cast again.
Not much in the way of trout streams- I had to drive close to 3 hrs to get to a stocked stream near the hatchery in Manchester (NE Iowa)- only to almost fall over backwards after getting "buzzed" by a wild turkey flying down from it's roosting tree!
Have fun, and Go Hawkeyes!
(Jim Shepherd, M.D.)
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