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Ryan, I sent you a few PM's
As far as where to buy, my best suggestion is to look at the Fly Shops in Calgary, assuming that you are close to town? I would stay away from the "Sporting goods stores" just because you are more likely to get the best advice from a dedicated fly fishing shop and the best follow up service if ever that is needed. Shop around and listen to their advice as well as their pricing. The other piece of advice i would offer, since you say that you are new to FFishing, is to choose a rod with a softer (AKA slower) rod Vs. a stiffer (AKA faster) rod. This will greatly help in your learning curve since the softer are more forgiving of small mistakes we make when we start casting flies. They are not necessarily less expensive or cheaper rods, just a different in design and construction.
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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