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The coolest thing since seeing a blitz off the Sagamore Bridge!

Saw the coolest thing: On my way out of Logan on a 757 today, we flew out over Nut Island. There was a HUMONGOUS blitz going on in the wake of the outgoing current passing thru gap in the middle of the little spit / bar on the outside of the treatment island. I would estimate that we were 300-1000 feet coming off the runway directly over the spit while I could see. I always longed to see a blitz from a plane and finally it happened!

As we swung around, it was easy to see Nahant, Devereaux, Marblehead, Manchester, and all of Cape Ann... and how close they are geographically. Looking from a southbound vector from where they were last week it makes a lot of sense.

Don't know if there's any stench from the plant but there sure is a melee going on there.

I predict Nantasket will get a push if they don't tuck inside Hingham Harbor, warmer and protected. Big pogies used to choke that harbor in the old days.

I still think Powers and the Esteys are headed for a late season visit from the biomass before the fat lady sings, mouth of the North River.

But somehow the presence of greenbacks in Rhody pulls at my instincts...
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