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Hi Sean, this is a great post and "article" so go for it.
Much of what you wrote is also applicable to fishing from a boat on still water (Lakes) with the obvious absence of tidal movement. However, many so called still water situations involve some form of current in the lake and wind drift is always there. I mostly fish for pike and trout on still waters but the presentation techniques and casting angle discussion you alid out is very applicable. The one point you should consider adding is the role that the "captain" plays in positioning and running the boat at specific angles. When I was out with you some time back, this aspect was critical to our success that day, as it was with other "East Coast Buddies/Captains/Guides" that I've been fortuate to get out with on their boats. In my very limited experience with fishing the salt from a boat, East & West coasts, the knowledge that the "captains" have about this element of running a boat for fly fishers/fly casting & presentation & lines being used is critical. On a few occasions, I've had to "help out" inexprerienced captains/guides understand that boat positioning and management of wind drift & current is much more critical when FFishing Vs. other forms e.g. spin & bait etc. But this has only happened in the upper NW of BC, never close to your home waters!
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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