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Midwesterners? HELP!!

I am an extremely novice fisherman when it comes to fly fishing. I vacation up in Missoula, MT every other year or so, and I just decided to try flyfishing. My uncle lives there and had an old rod and reel and an assortment of flies. He was never there while I was in town, so I've never had one lick of training. I just went to some stream called Rock Creek, watched the guys fishing it, and would go upstream (out of sight) and try to mimic their casts. As long as I had clearance, I learned to be a decent caster (I think). I even had enough blind and dumb luck that caught I actually caught some trout. What fly to use? Um, that one looks neat! Yeah, a REAL greenhorn!

I live in Iowa and stumbled across some articles on fly fishing lakes and rivers for bass. I'm quite intrigued by this and is something I'd like to pursue. I have a really cheap and inexpensive "starter kit" that I found at a garage sale, unopened. It must be 5 years old. Pflueger?? I'm trying to read all I can on the subject and was wondering if any of you with experience could give me some pointers? Specifically: type of flies, type of line (floating or sinking), and type of retrieving method.

Seriously, I am very limited on knowledge. I almost feel bad for posting this, I don't want to insult anyone or seem disrespectful. It's just that I don't know anyone who fly fishes around here, not even the bait & tackle shops were any help. I'd really appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks for reading...

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