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Update -

so I had the surgery... first time under general anesthesia. woke up to giggling nurses.

I am thinking OH NO... why is the johnny on backwards... it was HAND surgery! then i remembered thats how its supposed to be

so I asked... what did I do?

apparently I liked the IV hooch so much I would reach out and beg anyone in scrubs for a doggie bag of the medication while being wheeled to recovery! No recall of it

been a lot of stress in my life lately, it was good to feel euphoric for a change even if chemically induced (but I promise not to make a habit of it)

ten days later the cast came off, replaced with a melt-on 'spica' cast which hurt like hell when my hand swelled at night or at work but I figured out how to coerce it with boiling water into a more ergonomic form.

at first my casting thumb looked like a fenway frank with a nail painted on it - no shape and off colored and no flexibility, numb too. big incision (radial ligament) still very sensitive

It's looking better now, but there's two months in the spica cast ahead

I might be going 100% lefty if a tropics trip opportunity comes up sooner (good discipline!) and the heat would probably make the ol spica fit like a glove by the time I returned to the frigid northeast for the rest of recovery... hmmmm
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