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If you do a search for beginning fly tyer or beginning fly tying, you should find some of the other things that have been posted on the subject. These past posts and threads will help you a lot.

The advice you have been given to go to a fly shop and buy the materials to tie a few of the flies you will be fishing is excellent! Avoid the fly tying kits, unless it is custom put together for you by the shop to meet your specific and exact needs, otherwise you will end up with a lot of useless junk from the "tying kit".

The best place to start is with a good quality tying vise. Avoid the cheap vises imported from India, Sri Lanka, China, etc because they are poor quality, don't hold hooks well, and don't hold up. Yes, these cheapo vises look like they provide a lot of bang for the buck on the surface; however, their inferior materials, machining, and build quality will become a bane of your existence befor much time goes by. There are vises from Thompson and Griffin that are in the $35.00-$50.00 price range that are quality ones, with very good hook holding, and that will hold up to many, many years of use. These cheaper (not cheapo) Thompson and Griffin vises don't have a rotary feature, but most folks don't need a rotary vise.

If you just can't live without a rotary vise, there are several on the market for $80.00-$100.00 that are good ones. Granted they are not in the same league as the top of the line Renzetti, Dyna King, or Nor Vise; but they are entirely serviceable and hold hooks well. Griffin, Thompson, and Peak, come readily to mind for qood, cheaper rotary vises. (I'm sure I've forgotten others too).

Also, get yourself good scissors (good ones can be had for between $10.00 and $20.00), a good bobbin to hold the thread ($6.00-$20.00), a bodkin (nothing more than a needle in a handle, they sell for $2.00-$8.00), and a Materelli whip finish tool (about $15.00), which although the most expensive ones on the market (and avoid the cheapo import copies of the Materelli, they aren't in the same league), they are the best and easiest to use. I've been using one for 20 years and it has not grooved yet despite having been used to tie in excess of 15,000 dozen flies.

Hope this helps.
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