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Learning to cast with what weight rod?

Hi folks, Newbie here. I am ready to take the plunge into fly fishing, but I have not purchased a rod yet, nor have I decided upon a specific line weight. I am seriously thinking about building my own rod, but not sure on that either.

I plan on fishing for panfish and trout (out of state on the trout) to start, and eventually fish for steelhead and smallmouths in the rivers. I was thinking along thelines of a 4 or 5 weight, or posiibly a 7 or 8 so I can hit the rivers next year. I intend to take casting lessons before I head out, but I was wondering,would I be better off learning on a lighter weight rod, as opposed to a heavier weight? Seems to me that it shouldn't make a difference, as the casts are the same for either one. But I do see the potential for more practice swinging a 4 than an 8, just from the heavier rod/reel/line combo with the 8.

I don't know anyone who fly fishes, so I am kind of in the dark. I am reading as much as I can-books and forums- but would just like so advice from some people in the know.

I am starting in the wrong season here in Ohio too, as I currently have 3 inches of snow outside my window. I'll have a bit of a problem finding someplace to take lessons this time of year.

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