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You really should try a few rods, I actually prefer a Sage SP, but in all honesty I might be catering more to the fisherman than to the actual fishing, there is no question I would do just good/bad with a $200 rod. Most rods are very capable of delivering tight loops through hard wind in the right hands, even if the juiciest rods might have an advantage in 70+ feet casts, which is probably pretty rare when bonefishing, at least compared to quickly and accurately casting 40 feet.

There are less differences on reels than rod IMHO, just get something that's fairly rugged and high quality, and you generally get what you pay for. The drag isn't very important for bonefishing (but probably is for bigger species), so the only significant functional differentiator is the arbor size. Get a Orvis Battenkill LA, Loop or similar style reel, and you'll save yourself a couple of rounds on retrieving, but it's more nice-to-have than required for successful fishing. The Teton Tioga 10LA is considered a great budget reel for an #8 rod for about $100
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