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Thanks, Mike, for your insightful and experiencially based comments.

I want to take a different tack on aging and fishing:

Namely, that as we age, some of our desire to get out at every opportunity under every condition wanes a bit. More of us (certainly not all of us geezers) seem to focus on the quality of the experience, and maybe a philosophy of angling, rather than just on the "doing of the thing."

Roderick Haig-Brown comes to mind as an example. His early writings were quite technical and focused on catching fish (viz. _The Western Angler_). As he aged, he became more philosophical in his views, stressing more the conversation and enhancement of the resource and environs than the mere techniques leading to a bigger bag. I suspect his time on the water declined as he moved into this frame of mind.

This is certainly not universal. Witness Lefty Kreh, who seems an enthuiastic angler despite decades of pursuing the sport.

Me? I don't know. I look forward all year to my Kodiak fishing; but, today, when I should have assembled the 14 footer and done some serious practicing off the dock, I went and tried out some Noels on the organ instead.

It was cold and rainy here today. But: I think I don't want to live in the country of old men. I resolve to get out there and participate to the best of my abilities, despite the rotten weather, the lack of fish, and more "necessary" pursuits, until my nurse handcuffs me to my deathbed.

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