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24 inches of extra graphite makes a big difference when strip retrieving a fly. Also the handle configurations of most rods designed for Spey casting will not accomodate the more common nor'easter style fishing primarily because the short bottom handle puts the reel behind you and the line falls backward out of the stripping basket into the surf. This is one of the design elements I came up with when designing the Atlantis.

Also the action of a Spey casting tool differs greatly from the action of an overhead casting tool where a Spey casting rod is designed to hold on to the load while the caster changes direction where an overhead rod is made to abruptly reverse direction in the same plane. Holding a load is not necessary, the load and unload timing should be what the overhead caster is used to for easiest transition from what he/she already knows.

A spey cast, for instance a 90 degree change single spey, requires that the rod flex to 'keep' the load intact while the body is rotated to bring the load state from dangle to cross-river angle and then create a d-loop which is then released. That's a whole different sequence of events than overhead and the rod should correspond to these differences to be comfortable to use.

Any experienced two-hander will tell you that the line is just as important to each style of casting. The line configuration chosen can make or break one's efficiency and returns on investment with a 2hd rod. In fact some lines make a broad range of rods feel great.
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