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I was planning on getting some help - fly fishing school did wonders for my single handed cast and I continue to take lessons for the fun of it and because you tend to learn different things from different instructors.

Do you think its better to not start by teaching yourself a bit by trial and error and then have an instructor refine the cast? Or is it better to be completely green? I'm asking because as an instructor I'm sure you have seen both. I was thinking of getting a rod and becoming familiar with it first at least to the point where I'm making my mistakes consistently, so they would be easier to indentify and clean up.

I'm a competent single hand fly caster, mainly looking to expand the territory that I can successfully fish and secondly I'm just looking to learn something new because its more fun that way.

To start I'm looking for a rod that can perform a double overhead cast with power to cast a heavy head and a large fly. The rod "styles" that seem to be best suited for lack of the proper terms, I apologize, are the CND (and a few other companies which make a rod approximately 11' long) and a Scandinavian style (again several companies rods tend to be approximately 13' long). Asking around I've heard arguments for and against both styles - most centered on what else you can do with the rod - traditional spey cast most notably. Assuming that the only thing I want to do for starters is cast a really big fly and really far distance on a fast sinking head, which is better?

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