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Well unfortunately it is that time of year again when we will need to put our boats to bed for the winter. What are your plans this year? There has been a lot of debate as to whether you should fill your tank or leave it as close to empty as possible with the new ethanol blends. My original plan was to leave my tank as empty as possible with the remaining fuel treated with Startron stabilizer. It seems to me the biggest issue is octane loss and the water absorption not as serious as originally thought. As circumstances would have it my boat is being left in NC at the factory for a good portion of the winter to have some cosmetic warranty work done as well as a few upgrades (additional rod racks and moving the fuel/water separator). NC does not use Ethanol so I will have to wait until next year to make any necessary Ethanol adjustments but I did run the tank down and use Startron for the full week I was in Harkers. Very interested to hear what you have done/plan to do. We can then share how it all worked out next year.

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