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For Atlantic sails in this hemisphere I'd say that any 11-12 weight tarpon rod should do fine. For Pacific sails off Mexico and Central America I'd suggest a 13-14 weight. There is little doubt in my mind that such a rod can reduce the stress on the fish by as much as 50%. A good 13-14 weight rod is meant to fight strong fish and have lifting power that most tarpon rods can't match. And sails do sound, though not as regularly nor as deep as marlin. I've watched guys who know what they're doing try to land Pacific sails on a 12 weight tarpon rod and it's not particularly pretty. The truth is that many of the best big game fly rods are quite inexpensive. Try the Temple Fork or Cam Sigler models for about half what a Sage or Loomis will cost you. And I think they're better rods for the use intended.
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