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Cut-to-length tubes for tube flies

Hi there,

After just finishing some flies on the cut-to-length tubes I got to thinking about how they looked compared to some pictures I have as patterns (and I need to buy more tubes also, the sample packs I had are gone). After you cut an inch off the cut-to-length tube, I found my cuts were a little rough so I heated them with a cigarette lighter and formed them by shoving a finish nail up the tube to even out the cut and put a little flange on the end of the tube.

What have you found to be the best tool to cut the tube initially to reduce the roughness of the cut? What do you use to get that all round nicely formed flange on the end so the leader does not fray? Do you flange both ends? I was thinking maybe the nail was not the right idea, maybe another tool would be better..

Thanks alot, tubes are relatively new to me so I am still learning.

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