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This is a very nostalgic fly for me Charlie... I caught a big native buck on this fly right after I let my wife sell all my non-flyfishing gear at a garage sale. I made a commitment to be FF only and I went to the river with my buddy who was not fond of FF and was giving me a lot of friendly BS about my setting up before even making a cast.

Finally I waded out, he had already cast 100 times. I made a cast and the fly swung right out of the seam into the main current too quick.

I waded up and out and made a second cast. This time the mend held the m midnight sun dancing for a few seconds in the seam and just as it started to swing out BLAM a thick shouldered native buck inhaled it and started cartwheeling down the rapids!

Probably about 12-13 pounds, a very nice fish. Sure silenced my buddy, kinda like the kingdome used to get when bo jackson would run the opening kick-off for 103 yd touchdown in the old days back when the raiders were actually good and the hawk's not.

Only variation to Comb's recipe was that I hackled a wrap underneath the marabou to let it get a little more lift off the body in current.
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