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Which stripping guides do you use on 8wt - 9wt 9' fly rods

I have built a good number of fly fods during the past year and I used REC s.f. recoils from tip down to the d.f.strippers. For those I used mostly Fuji Ti SiC (TNSG). The problem is Fuji does not make them larger than a size 16. And I cannot find anything to match in color in the Fuji line. I could go with the stainless Fuji NSG for all three guides but I don't want any "rust" stains over time from salt water - although I am sure that is what I have on all my factory rods, and I do not have any discoloration on them - yet.
I really want to stick with the quality of Fuji. I looked at Pac Bay and they do not have anything in Ti in that size either.
All my 8wt and 9wt rods were built with a #16 stripper. I want to build on the same blank with a #20 stripper to see if there is a difference - I suspect that I will not be able to discern any difference and all this is for naught. However I would like your input how you are dealing with the question of stripper size being limited to #16.
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