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As I said this morning on the phone to you, Brad and I are in for wherever the early boat crew is going. I think there are so many factors as we mentioned:

Weather: If the sun is up and bright from 10 to 2, spotting fish on the flats could be succesful (if they are up on the flats). Blind casting in cloudy weather can be extremely tough......

Troughs/Holes: Obviously Blind Casting in these areas is more fruitful depending on tides, sun,etc... and available on N. Monomoy and from what we can tell on SI, also.......

The Fish: The fish on the flats are much more skitterish. Sometimes they are easy to take and other times, 4x fluro would not do it. There are no guarantees at either spot. If they are willing participants, the day could be outstanding at either Island ! The fish at N. Monomoy have seen many clousers, sand eels, etc...The fish at SI, probably have a more limited exposure.....

Flats: The flats at NM are all around. The most expansive ones on SI are a 2 mile hike on the N. end.

Seals: They can get in the way and scare fish away and......well you know the rest......

Other Fishermen: N. Monomoy will have our group in addition to others from Outermost and Rip Ryder. SI will have just our group.

Cost: As folks opt in or out of the SI adventure the cost fluctuates.....what is the cost we are willing to pay to get to SI ?

Equipment: NM requires an Intermediate.........SI requires an Intermediate and a deep sinking line..........

Well, now that I confused the issue more........Juro as I said Brad and I are on the early boat with You where ever it is going......

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