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i'm so outta here
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I've never done Monomoy, so I have to agree with Gregg that NM/SB would be just as much an adventure as SI. I have to admit, Juro's description of the conditions give me pause. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have thought twice about taking such a risk, but these days I have several reasons for avoiding taking a dirt nap (or water nap in this case).

I also see Jay's point that those who *have* done Monomoy in the past might be looking for something out of the ordinary.

Perhaps the compromise would be to have the beginners (those most likely to get into trouble anyway) avoid this excursion and stick to the other two locations. That would definitely free up at least two spots (myself and GregO) -- probably a lot more.

That would leave you with about 7 or 8 which works out to $37 or $43 per person.

I don't want to speak for Greg, but I would personally bow out to make room for a Monomoy vet.
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