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Old 06-08-2000, 10:38 AM
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As I said this AM, we just need 5 - 6 people who are willing to go. Now it looks like there is quite the group willing to break ground down there. So, if it works out, I'm in.

Unfortunately I do have one caveat, my brother in law Pete is now able to join us and I would really enjoy spending the day with him. So, if there are too many people for the SI trip, I'll bow out & we'll take the 6 AM south beach ride with "The Pope".

Nate... based on the sharks that are supposed to be around, I stole my 4 year old daughters toy seal, it's about 2 feet long, and I've threaded it with a 6/0 circle hook snelled to a 100# wire tippet. If I don't wind up taking the SI boat with you all, I want you to have it and put it to good use.

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