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The prospect of a south island adventure has haunted me for years. Maybe now is the time, maybe not.

On the good side, it's the last reach of firm ground at the cutting edge of two ocean bodies; a hard left turn on the migration routes of ocean stripers on their northward trek. It's a place where a fly caster's reach touches some of the biggest water possible with that gear; and a known hangout for very large fish. Because the offshore sized rips touch the island there, huge migrating cows could pull over into a shoreline eddy from the migratory highway at any given moment - one never knows.

On the bad side, it's not a flats experience at all and some guys are only fishing Saturday. The seals may have squatted on some of the prime real estate, and there is a steep commitment in order to get out there both in terms of money and time. Although there is some "inside" fishing around Powder Hole, the rest is big raging rip and ocean beach style waves to the east. A stiff wind would be deafening. Recent cool weather may have put the fish into a mode of seeking estuaries and shallows for warmth and food. The blues were tight to shore yesterday, and bass to 40" were caught by shoreline pluggers on the sound side indicating a trend for fish to be close inshore. There are risks and limitations on the wading - one should not really wade around the rip any more than they would at Race Point. Lastly, if the fish go offshore into deeper rips we could be in for a slow day.

There's a lot to think about, but it boils down to enjoyment. This is a group charter / investment and so the group should feel excited about this or we should just settle for the standard NM / SB runs on Saturday as well as Sunday.

I'd appreciate it if people would voice their honest feelings on the more expensive excursion to South Monomoy Tip... and whether they would like to cancel that in favor of the standard shuttle arrangement instead.

We'll make a final decision based on this discussion.

thanks in advance,
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