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Claret Flies:

Centuries ago, or so it seems, there was this big deal secret fly used on Deschutes steelhead by Don and Lola McLain and a few of their buddies. Supposed to be devastatingly effective.

Eventually the pattern was described in _Salmon Trout Steelheader_. I cannot find the issue (buried in the Oregon City land fill, most likely), but, if I recall, it was tied on No. 6 - No. 2 TULE hooks, had a silver-ribbed claret floss body, a smokey gray polar bear hair wing, and jungle cock shoulders. Don't recall the hackle color or whether the thing had a tail or a tag. Maybe someone else remembers this concoction.

I tied up a few of them way back when, and remember liking very much the way they looked in the water, although they didn't seem any more effective than the usual assortment of Max Canyons and Green Butt Skunks.

Another big-deal secret fly, used with consistent results by a certain magazine publisher, turned out to be a hair-winged Blue Charm. If it works for AS, it works for steelhead, I guess.


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