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RE:worm fly pattern?

Thanks for all the advice. I tied up some of your flies on Friday night and took them down to Quonnie pond on Saturday. I put the kayak in around 10:00, and got into a 22" schoolie within five minutes on a Clouser right in front of the launch ramp. Nothing else seemed to be there, so I worked my way further up the pond. I started hitting twinkies from 10-15" on every drift. That got a little old after a while, so I moved on. Nothing doing elsewhere in the pond.

I never saw any worms, but then again, I didn't stick around until evening either. But at least I've got some worm flies in my box just in case I run into one of the mythical worm hatches.

I wonder if worm hatches are the striper fishermen's equivalent of a snipe hunt.
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