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RE:worm fly pattern?

Sorry to post this since it's an untested pattern but it's dirt easy to tie and looks like it has the right features;

Take a piece of wide red zonker, push the hook point through from the hide side in a position that has one end about 3/8" back from the eye. Tie down at the 'head' leaving a gap at the eye. Take a second strip the same length. Tie it at the head and fold the rest back over the hook eye. Apply Fletch-Tite (archery adhesive) to the two hides and them pres together ( try to seal the edges around the hook shank). Tie in a piece of black or tan zonker at the point where you tied in the red. Palmer forward to the eye, tie off and cement.

I'd really appreciate any feedback as to how this fly fishes in a 'hatch'. I never seem to be in the right place at the right time......
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