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RE:worm fly pattern?

I've done well with the velvet cinder worm pattern, but I add red marabou to the recipe. Tie the marabou onto the bend before you drape the velvet tube, then pull the marabou to protrude beyond the end. Instead of melting the tube, I tie a little nail knot using a large eyed doll needle to close it off. Then the standard black chenille head. Sometimes I'll collar the head with black hackle.

I also tie a similar pattern in black on black for night fishing , except I also include a loop of thick mono tied from the bend to eliminate fouling - inside the velvet tube, long enough to prevent fouling but not long enough to kill the action of the tube. Marabou is used for pectoral fins and tail on this one too. One variant uses clouser eyes to fish on light sand on moonlit nights... like tonight!

My luck in worm hatches has been mixed. Sometimes the worms are so thick your fly is like just another suit on wall street. That and the silverside feast at night in the bays. I love being in the dark with all that slurping and popping going on though.
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