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Ok, the season on the Millers lasts for as long as the water levels stay down. I've had good dry fly action in November. Now there is a wringle to this. There are a number of ponds on the tribs to the Millers that get drawn down for the winter. This will increase the flow but it is still managable. If we have a good rain event the river will stay up for a long while. When that happens I head "south" to the Swift for the winter.

The browns have been in the 14 to 16 inch range. The State has dumped in the Fall allotment of clonebows recently. Not a good fish for this river.

There is A LOT of great water to fish. Two C&R sections and a lot in between. Someday I'll print up an indepth description. The TU guide really just skims it. Till then, I'll show anyone who wants to take the time.

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