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Thanks for the complements on the heads. Some things you may want to keep in mind when doing them is, first, leave plenty of space in front of the body of the fly to make the head. This is one of the bigger mistakes I see people make. If you do not leave space for the head you end up piling thread on top of materials that have already been tied off and this adds bulk to the head.

Another mistake I see made is not to properly finish the head. A tier will make a nice fly with a fairly small head then they will be afraid to add more thread to smooth the head out for fear of increasing itís size. Sure its small, but it looks lumpy and sloppy. The head on the CZ Special is not all that small but it looks neat because I added some extra thread to smooth it out.

And lastly, I usually put several coats of head cement on them. At least two coats, sometimes three or even four depending on how thin the head cement is and how many lumps I need to smooth out.


P.S. Thanks for the tips flytyer, we donít get chums in my area but I have been looking for some good flies for kings.
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