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Big Dave,

The Farley Flats section is an area that gets hit because it's readily seen from Rt. 2. I'd go upstream to the Wendell area (the lower C&R) and head down below the lower RR trestle which is below the Rt. 2 bridge. Cross over the trestle to the right of the river and take the path through the woods for maybe 50 yds. You are now at the Kemfield Pool. The riffles above the pool always produce and the large pool (across from Whetstone Brook) has been awesome. I took seven very picky browns there on Sunday, Oct. 8 in two hours. Last Wed., the 11th, another seven came to the net in the pool right below the above mentioned trestle. The browns were picking emergers up with just their backs and tails breaking the surface. I fished a light olive emerger with a trailing shuck, size 16. Don't get fooled, like some others, into thinking that they are after something small (#20-24) They arn't!! There has been an odd fly coming off the surface at dusk the last month. The locals are calling it a giant sulphur. It's huge. I tie my emergers/dries for this river in various shades of olive since it seems to represent most naturals in this river most of the time.

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