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Green Ghost:

Not goin' there. There are some super spies in Gaspe who can spill the bans if they choose but I am respecting the right of the zec to publish things. If you did not call them it is too late; everyone is in the woods moose hunting for the next 10 days.

Jim Y; right on the money.

I will say this from my perspective. Many of us here in the US fight as passionately as we do for C&R not because we "know better". We have screwed things up here pretty good and though we hope for miracles (ie Connecticut River) we have seen lots of money and effort yield little in return. Our greatest hope now is Maine and that will take time. We have dammed the rivers, destroyed spawning habitats, celar cut, generated pollutants, etc. It is too late in most cases. All we have left is what is North of us and though the waters are generally not "ours", we do care about what will happen in the future. As I have said before, all that we can do as anglers is put them back. We would love to tighten up logging restrictions, reduce the number of seals, mergansers, commorants, figure out what is happening at sea, etc but we cannot. The passion form many (including myself) is to ensure that the rivers will be healthy in the future and that mistakes of the past (many made here in the US) will not repeat themselves.

Bill Greiner
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