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First let me say.. I have more than 50 hours of work put in this week so this late post is on "My time"

I got my letter from Gaspe, It says that a meeting will be held during the week of October 9th to discuss the situation on outfitter rods (that would be this week). IT also states these discussions are about the Lower St Jean and York but doesn't mention the Dartmouth. Fine

It goes On to say that the results of the meeting will be posted on the website On October 2nd - My bet is that they missed a digit and it should be October 12 OR the 20th. That is plenty of tiem to submit electronic cards in the draw once we evaluate what has been added.

Perhaps Bill would like to enlighten us on the actual deal, weather or not it is in place for real and what we can expect to see when they post it on the web site. Since he is the recipient, He has no reason not to tell us.

He does indeed have a right to run a business and does provided needed jobs as I am sure you are all aware.
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