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You're right I'm "not know what I are talking about Kola Salmon fishing"
Let's see
.Fishing log SR '06
5 days on York during C&R period
2 days on Bonnie (early ) one fish bonked 6 0f 7 tags left
6 days on Matapedia all fish returned to river still got dem 6 tags left
1 day on Metis didn't fish but shecked out the river. GORGEOUS !!!! and some mighty fine people met !
return to Matapedia one Grilse returned to river .Damn !!! Still got them 6 tags left.
So what are we talking about ???? the fact that I PERSONALLY kept ONE fish this year ? I'll publically stand by that decision and believe you me it was a hard one that I agonised over during the 11 minutes of the fight and the five witnesses will attest to that fact ! It was probably the LAST non Grilse Atlantic that I'll ever kill .
Now that we've cleared (?) that up .We'll get back to the thread subject.
Since you've brought up the Bonnie .Read again the material on the re-sectorising and LOOK BETWEEN THE LINES and SEE WHAT'S THERE If you are ,as I suspect, ignorant of the river layout.
While we're on the thread subject
I've checked with Mdme Lise Laverite in Quebec Cite and she was unable to find under --
La Loi de Gestion de la Peche
plande gestion
1983 C. 39 a 62
--any allusion to the "pecking " order that you mentioned in that doityurselfers from outside la belle paye de Quebec are last and that outfriteres were where again? right after Qc. residents somewhere ?
Now then here's the fundamental truth the loi (law ) states that the especes animales (animal species) and stock reporoducteur (reproduction stock ) come first. Now
a recolt permissable pour chaque espece -----
means a permissable cull /taking of each species is allowed
PS :I'm off to return home and go to bed
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