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FISH CLEANING station ? What fish cleaning station?? Unless you're talking about that alter that was kindly built for us Druids to perform our Summer Solstice festifities ? My suspicions however arose when I GPS'd through the centreline only to find that it lined up directly in a easterly direction with another religion that I can't mention in a public venue! Rather forward thinking on the part of the ZEC office I thought !! Also just look carefully at the stainless steel .The design you see there is an ancient Druid religious inscription.Loosely translated it reads "p--- off unwholely ones " At least that's what my Celt dictionary says. All Religious persuations ,however ,ARE invited to pray at this alter, even the C&R evangelists.However the purists amongst them might be dismayed at the occasional sacrificial offering at the alter of a salmon or two. Pressure from the C&R fundamentalists HAS reduced the reduced the required 7 sacrificial offering to a couple or even one a year, becaudse when you DO come down to it fishing is a blood sport. Although the C&R Evangelical Church tried to set up a pulpit at the alter, they were refused, However they ARE most welcome I understand at the Golden Arches Church just across the river. The C&R fundamentalists have questioned the rather solid construction of this alter .Well the ZEC office did this for a reason. Try holding a Druid Winter Solstice ceremony in a winter Gaspe storm with a freezing wind blowing off the cold Atlantic. Come to think of it,I even remember one or two of the GL guys drinking some "Mead" at the alter !!
So there you are !A fish cleaning station it ain't

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