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Very well put. I returned to the Gaspe after 25 years of fishing elsewhere. Yes, I had great fishing in Russia and Iceland. I also fish much saltwater here at home. But there is no place like home, and that is what the Gaspe feels like to me as I learned to fish salmon starting in 1970 on the Matane. And nothing rivals the Gaspe's beautiful rivers and its remote river valleys. Nothing rivals the folks living there. I was quite pleased that after 25 years, the places I loved were more or less the same. You cannot say the same for most places.

I can understand the passion of many people on this board fighting for their beliefs. Hopefully harmony will prevail, but first and foremost the salmon must live on.


P.S. I also got the chance a few years ago to venture into the Skagit area when my daughter went to school in Bellingham I fished the Sauk river, which flows into the Skagit. I hooked and landed a bright 15lb Steelie on my first day, on the first pool I fished which was accessable from a logging trail. Had also caught a nice dolly varden. Second day I hooked another Steelie and dropped it and had 2 dollys. That was my big Steelhead experience. Beautiful place those cascades, but I stayed away from the Skagit as I didn't like the looks of the river. The Sauk was much nicer and kinder to me.
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