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Thanks for the offer. I lived out there for 8 months starting last December and moved back to Maryland at the end of July. To be honest, I fished hard for 40+ days on several rivers and it wasn't all it cracked up to be; one Skagit River fish that was barely a "Gaspe Grilse". I'm not calling anyone a liar, but I didn't see a lot of fish, the river managers that actually catch fish at the hatchery and re-release them downstream to run upriver once again, jet boat drivers that'll think nothing of swamping you, all to find meth-addicts hanging around your car when you get back up the trail (if you even have a car by then). If I want to hook a bunch of hatchery Chambers Creek Steelhead I can head up to the GL and make that happen and be with people I know I can trust.

I'd seen enough come summer. The kicker was getting back to Gaspe to see the people and places I truly love took a red-eye + puddle jumper + more driving + 2k JUST TO GET THERE. Had I gone out west when I was 25 I may have stayed and lived the Steelhead bum lifestyle. The fisheries were different back then (I believe) but I have serious concerns about what is actually going on there. Now that I've been Gaspe-ified it'll be hard for me to put that much distance in between again. I'm happy learning to fly fish the ocean and taking my Steelhead trips when I can get them. I just don't want to have to look at what is going on every day.

To hopefully end this thread, you folks really have no idea what you have in Gaspe (Matapedia on East). It's beautiful country, awesome people, and an incredible resource. To me it is second to none and has really become my bolthole and a place where I can go and become "Chris" again after a long year in the lowlands. The reason I'm so adamant about protecting the resources is from what I've known and recently seen. As you all move forward in your lives, career and otherwise, keep that in mind that Gaspe has to be preserved because those beauties that lurk in her depths cannot be replaced.

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