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Salar-1, thanks I forgot about that, I often don't read those in as much detail as I should and I've only been thinking about the money for the past year or so. The reason I made that quantum leap to asking where the money is spent (other than the 3 beer buzz) is I just got to experience my dream this past year by living in the Pacific Northwest and it was a total bust.

While David Bishop was getting back to his roots I was finding out that the PNW wasn't what I thought it was going to be (for me at least). In addition to other issues I encountered fisheries have experienced a lot of habitat degredation and the fisheries managers seem only concerned with creating more smolts to prop up fisheries with declining runs of wild fish. In essence, using the river as a giant hatchery rearing station. I've heard some silly numbers thrown (billions) around the Columbia River valley and all they really have are declining runs of wild fish, increased smolt production, and more habitat encroachment. Additionally, nobody is really watching over the resource near as I could tell.

This year on a drive over to Gaspe I saw a clear cut up around Murdochville that was clearly in the York watershed. Couple that with the comfy ZEC office and shiney new salmon cleaning station out front and there are mixed messages. If you want to manage a kill fishery that's worth fighting over then the resource has to be healthy and whacking some prime forest in the watershed may not be the righteous path. Same goes with the Matapedia.

My question really stems from that experience. I have no doubt that they are all hard workers, but I'll look into those reports a bit more closely. I know we don't do the smolt thing, but I'm always concerned about the habitat any time I see a new cut or gravel pit up there.

As an aside, Bill Bakke at the Native Fish Society does some incredible work out West with regards to providing actionable things that anglers can do to express concern over their resource. The newsletter he provides is incredible; biologist reports, new laws, dam proposals, and funding, they cover the gamut to try and show what is happening out there. I honestly don't know where they get half of it. They were one of the shining lights I discovered in the PNW.


PS. More wine, less whine!!!!
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