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Winter Plan - Use two hands

One thing I really like doing over the winter is practicing my casting especially when I am planning to pick up a new fishing style or situation.

I have decided that '07 will be the year of the big fly, the two handed rod, and hopefully big stripers.

Trying to get my list of rods to test cast for the comming months and I must admit I am terribly confused. Please correct me where I am wrong.

Two-handed rods come in a few main formats. The Spey rod, A Skagit, Scandinavian, and Two-handed Overhead. I assume that there is some carry-over style to style.

I am looking primarily for a rod for Northeast Surf, to cast heavy shooting heads, in heavy winds, large flies, a considerable distance. Which of those styles is worth looking into? I am planning on using a two-handed overhead style - but maybe there is something better.

So far I have only test cast the CND Atlantis, I know I also want to try the LL Bean Orion Wei rod, are there any other rods that I shouldn't miss. I don't mind spending several weekends traveling to cast them - what else is there to do in winter? I also realize that there is only so much to learn from test casting a rod you have very limited experience with.

Finally does anyone know of any fishing shows that specialize or at least feature a variety of two-handed rods. They may be at every show and I've just over-looked them.

Thanks for any help

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