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Just returned from Cabo

Just returned from a few fun days in Cabo. Drank a few cervesas and (just a little ta kill ya)..., Good time. I tried it from the shore and had no luck. A few of the buddies hit the water in the big boats and had good luck (with the hardware) on the dorado (up to 25#) and tuna up to 35#, no luck with the flyrods.
It wasn't a serious fishing trip to me, but I had lots of fun and escorted some friends on the snorkelling and golf (Yeah,,,golf!). Weather was HOT.
Some of the panga guys did get into some dorado (up to 20#s) with the spinners and heard one report of a decent time with a flyrod.
I stayed at the Finnestera in Cabo San Lucas this time and was impressed. $150 for a "Jr Suite" and you could have easily slept 4. I would stay there again. Mi Casa and Ediths still serve great food and the hotel was fair priced for their groceries.
I have stayed at the Buena Vista and Rancho Leanado (East Cape Side) before and really liked them, for fishing and bargains, but both hotels were damaged by Hurricane John. I understand the repairs are underway.
Not much to say, but there are fish in the area. The big marlin tournament starts real soon and some of the "really big boats" were starting to arrive.
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