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Two-handed Rods - Length Question

I'm getting ready to purchase a two-handed rod for fishing Big Flies for Big stripers, I want the two hander primarily because I injured my casting elbow.

Seems there are only two companies that design such rods for the surf - The CND oceana and the LL Bean Wei. Both rods are about 11'.

There are several companies that make true spey rods (disclaimer I know nothing about spey fishing so I may be wrong on many of my assumptions) these rods are generally longer in the 14' class.

I test cast Dble Haul's CND Atlantis and I must say I like it, though I didn't cast it too well I'm sure I can learn. What he does with that rod is inspiring.

I called the LL Bean hotline to ask about the Wei rod. The guy I spoke with advised that a 14' rod can be cast overhead two handed style, as well as spey style. He went on to say he really didn't know why the surf rod was designed to be a relatively short 11'. He even advised that I purchase a much cheaper 14' rod, with the argument being that fly casting is physics and that if 11' is good 14' is better.

I plan to test cast both styles of rod, but there is only so much you can learn on a casting pool and I know there are many years of two-handed experience on this forum. That Juro especially designed the CND rod. Why 11'? Is it the simply logistics of having to lug around a 14' rod? The ease of under arming it so you can make a two-handed retrieve? Or any one of a million other factors I'm probably not even considering?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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