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All good points here Quebec Sporting!

The single most important point I am trying to make is..

If you have 20 % allready, then overload the draws (even with real names), then you also enter names on a daily basis for additional rods from the 48 hours draw, in the end you could end up with maybe 30-40 % of all of the fishing on all three rivers in Gaspe throughout the season. A virtual monopoly.

The ZEC should not allow an outfitter that allready has 20% of the rivers [/B]or thier clients [/B] to participate in ANY of the Draws either on November 1st or the 48 hours draws. It simply would not be a fair draw for the rest of us that choose not to use an outfitter and play the draws for a fair "PUBLIC" chance to win and fish limited sectors.

If the ZEC allows the potential for a monopoly by awarding of 20% and allowing participation in the draws by an outfitter and their clients, there is a very low probability that the public wins either the winter draw or the 48-hour draw.
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