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The reason I posted the question was an attempt to get details on the agreements in order to evaluate for myself the potential for the ZEC to run a fair public drawing.

A couple thoughts

1) If Bill g has 20 % of the 3 Gaspe rivers limited zones before the drawing, throughout the season, that is fine and it should allow him to run a business. Especially combined with the advertised PABOS and Grande Riviere arrangements.
(there are also 50 rod days allotted for riparian rights)

2) That would mean that we, "the public" (Resident and NR) are now playing the winter drawing for 80 % of the seasons allotted Rods. Actually it is probably 40% during the winter draw. The rest being 48 hours water.

3) In my opinion, that SHOULD mean that the winter drawing will not be overloaded with card entries from Bill G. And I hope the ZEC made this stipulation!

Does anyone know what the ZEC has decided?? How it will be a fair drawing or what the details of the Agreements are?? Even the question What do we have left to play for??

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