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RE:what fly line for flats fishing?


I've fished in very shallow water at dead low at the mouth of the North River and on certain days sight casting is possible. I agree that many more fish are probably present in the shallow water then we think. It takes time to learn to see them. I call them "grey ghosts". I've walked up on fish in 6-8 inches directly in front of me. They are nicely camouflaged and difficult to see if too much ripple is on the surface. Anyway, I'm making the trip this Saturday and if weather permits and if the bottom is appropriate I'll be trying the "floating line" approach (redfish style) on those north/west flats. Although my experience is rather limited compared to most posting here, I agree that a floating line is prefered. Either way, I'm bringing my intermediate also, just in case. Now if I can just remember to bring my polarized glasses!

Charles Whitehurst
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