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RE:what fly line for flats fishing?

I hear ya knockin', Aaron. I find that most times if my cast is off-target, then I know it pretty quickly, and the line hasn't sunk to the point where picking up line for another back-cast is particularly tough. One season I used a line I got out of a discount bin that featured a floating head and a sinking running line. It was pretty cool, especially around weedbeds -- the line hugged the bottom, hid in the weeds, and pulled the fly down. But at the same time, the fly rode up above the weeds just a bit. It worked pretty well -- wonder where that line went? Probably around my propellor.

I wish we would get a few great flats fishing weather days -- then maybe I could worry about re-casting to fish. Lately it's been a case of seeing fish 20' from the boat.
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