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RE:what fly line for flats fishing?

ssully - yes, I am answering my own questions - these are the reasons I use floating lines. Since I've seen and heard from so many others that use intermediates, I'm interested in hearing their reasoning for this.

Al_D - this year does seem a bit strange for flats fishing. The overall weather certainly hasn't helped. I've not been wading on Monomoy yet this year, so can't speak directly to what you've been seeing. However, I have waded the flats at South Beach, Hardings, and a few other spots, and have found fish, for the most part.
Not at all a personal remark, but a general comment brought to mind by your mention of few fish in the shallows... a few weeks ago I was on a south beach flat, and although the conditions were tough (high overcast, reflective water surface), I was able to spot some medium size fish in knee-deep water. The conditions made for slower action than on a good day, and I spooked a number of fish because I just didn't see them, but fish were there. After a bit, a group of 8 fly anglers walked up the beach and entered the flat about 100 yards below me. They walked directly to the edge and started casting. I'm sure they walked right past some fish and spooked others as they cast off the edge. They didn't catch anything as far as I could tell. To a certain extent I think it comes down to practice - I know I see more fish now than I used to.

I envy you guys heading on the South Tip Trip. You should get into some good bass. It seems like every time Juro plans an event I'm obligated elsewhere. From the sounds of things a sinking line off the edge for sure. The aerial photos confirm the big dropoffs. Good luck...and take pictures!

sR - can't argue with your logic, and your use of intermediate lines now has me experimenting with a clear intermediate when fishing from a boat (like last weekend). Still, perhaps it's my tropical experience, but when wading I really like the re-cast option.

I don't think there is a 'correct' answer to any of this, but experience and opinions count just as much in fly fishing.

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