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Some interesting comments on this fly. It even made its way over to Norway? Wow!

Russ, when I started to fish this one for steelhead it never entered my mind that it was a bait fish imitation but now that you brought it up you are absolutely correct. In talking with some other salmon fisherman about this fly, they felt it was a good imitation of an elver or baby eel with its slim profile, and that is the reason the salmon took it so readily.

And as for the modifications that Jim and Chris talk about, I think they make it a much easier fly to tie, especially the use of the silver pheasant collar. I tie it with the Amherst pheasant because this is the first version of the fly I ran across and it works great for me. In fact it is probably my top-producing fly. If it aint broke why fix it! I do like the idea of using other colors, however. Very interesting.

Chris, you coming up this way to fish this fall?


P.S. Jim, good luck on the Penobscott. Let us know how you make out.
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