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I have always defended the 20% as a way to finance little rivers. What you mention is right. If you want to use the fact I am on the board of the FQSA, no problem, I can resign right now. I can use my own time for something else than having a perpetual fight. The only reason I am there is my love for salmon fishing. In 2006, I had more than 10 people I initiated (sorry if the words are not good) in salmon fishing. All new fighters for salmon situation.

But since you mention the 20%, you remember we also suggested to have this to be allowed by a draw. I can understand Grande Rivière and Pabos, undersold. But Gaspé?

Now you talk with contain. I can too.

My first post was against the fact you were very bad with people I love. Matapedia people. I know about their realty, you don't.

Now, I will shut it down. But if you want more contain, you will find me.
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