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Nice guess but keep trying! Plenty of options on the table; after all I own 1,000 acres and have riparian fishing rights on the best pools of the Malbaie. There are very few places in the world where people can actually own salmon pools and fishing rights. I am thankful that Quebec is one of those few places. There is a lot of value in these holdings. For one, the Nature Conservency of Canada (a great organization) owns land in the estaury of the Malbaie (as do I) and they are very, very interested in my holidngs along the river. If the Malbaie wasn't C&R maybe you would have an interest as well?

This year I had more Quebec anglers than in my previous 3 years combined. None was aware of bickering on french websites. If some people on this or other websites are upset because of negotiated agreements WITHIN the 20% regulation then that is too bad. The zecs can do as they please within the 20%. You yourself felt that way in the past and last year when we had lunch on the Grand Cas you didn't seem to be that concerned with the outfitters getting rods in the 20% as long as there was minimal impact on resident anglers. My rods on the Grande and Pabos are not an issue for you since you never fish there (can't keep big fish there) and they have small numbers of resident anglers compared to their overall client base.

I do support the FQSA despite your arrogance and jealousy and will continue to support them in the future. Your President is a good man and has the ability to see the big picture and does not get caught up in your tirades.

With the 40-50 mm of rain tomorrow I am sure you will have a wonderful time on the Matapedia. Tightlines!

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