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Perhaps with permit swimming crabs are more often eaten. I have caught them in Belize in 10-15 ft of water around coral as the crab fly is sinking and still quite a ways above the bottom. With bones however, stripping the crab other than to position it in the path of the fish often results in a flushed fish. When fishing the crab to tailing fish I wait until the fish stops tailing and starts to move. The crab should land softly about 4-5 ft in front of the fish and allowed to settle. If the bone sees the crab it is often rushed and tailed over. When the fish "quivers" he has eaten. With small shrimp (puffs, squimps etc.) however I like to put the fly right next to the tailer and give a short strip. Just my technique. I'll take 1 quivering, tailing 5 pounder at dawn on a crab to 20 intercepted fish on clousers.
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