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Why is it that when fishing a crab fly everyone fishes it differently than you do a live crab? When fishing a live crab in the keys, you toss out in front of the fish, reel in fast enough to keep the crab on top of the water and drop it when the permit comes to it, which it almost always does. Yet with a crab fly you toss it out let it sink and sit there.
The one permit I have caught on a fly was working a small coral head, the fly landed about 5' from it, I stripped and it jumped off and had the fly before it had gone a foot under the water. This after tossing many flies and letting them sink and twitch. with a short strip, without success.

I havn't fished crabs much for bonefish but it seems to me, especially with fish that are not tailing, that aproach would work well for bonefish in shallow water. A slow sinking crab that flees when the fish aproaches. If I was a crab I would not just sit there and wait if caught out in the open.

Has anyone ever tried a neutrally boyant pattern. One that will sink a few inches under the water and stay there? Lee Haskins makes a Shrimp Neutralizer that I am going to give a try for bonefish and permit on a trip in November. I want to see how it does. Seems like it would work well on shallow flats. You could cast well ahead of the fish and it would be easier for them to see than a fly sitting on the bottom.

Just some thoughts, looking for comments from the more experienced.
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