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There are mutliple agreements on the Gaspe for the next 4 years. The Zecs are mailing out their draw info as we speak and the pertinent info will be included in with the draw card applications at least as far as Gaspe and Pabos are concerned; I cannot say for sure about Grande River or the Baie of Chaleur Zecs/Wildlife Reserve.

Unfortunately it does not look like the 75-25 rule will be in place for next season but I am extremely confident that it will be there for 2008. There are some other potential changes as well but it is premature to delve into them at this point. As they become more timely I will certainly pass them along.

There is 1 big change in Gaspe for next year (aside from the block of rods for myself) as well as one other potential big change for next year. First, the Pavillion will now be accessible to everyone through a phone draw in November. In the past dates have been reserved ahead of time in the same manner that outfitters set up their calendar. However, because it is a wildlife reserve (and wildlife reserves are intended to give equal opportunity at access to all with priority towards residents) they must now have a draw.

Second, Gaspe is also sending out a survey to its clients asking about opening the season in May (starting on the 25th). If there is enough interest it will take effect next May.

For what it is worth, fishing has been as good as it gets the past week with the rain we have gotten. The York is still up over a foot and the gates nearly came down on both the York and St. Jean. Lots of fresh salmon making their way up the rivers at this time. When the end of the season counts were done there was not much of a difference in the counts from July; there would be now if they were to count again.

Looking for some feedback here from those who fish in Gaspe. Do you think that sector 7 on the Dartmouth should be C&R like sector 12 on the York? I believe this will be put forth next spring at their annual meeting.

Bill Greiner
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